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Prices for Escort Girls in the Silver Category Who Are Also College Students

Popular among younger people, particularly those who enjoy vivacious girls who can compete with them in open spaces.

1-2 Hours10000 INR10000 INR
3-4 Hours15000 INR15000 INR
6-8 Hour20000 INR20000 INR
Over Night Service25000 INR25000 INR

Fees for Gold Class Escorts – Job Seeking Women
Great-looking, experienced hotel workers with a classic style.

1-2 Hours12000 INR12000 INR
3-4 Hours18000 INR18000 INR
6-8 Hour23000 INR23000 INR
Over Night Service30000 INR30000 INR

Escorts from Aspirant Model Hyderabad Diamond Class Escorts Girls — high-society models who work as air hostesses and in many design industries charge a premium.

1-2 Hours13000 INR13000 INR
3-4 Hours18000 INR18000 INR
6-8 Hour24000 INR24000 INR
Over Night Service30000 INR30000 INR

Prices for Platinum Class Escorts Girls, including high-profile models and air hosts.
This is an international model escort from a variety of industries. Consider taking this class for your pleasure.

1-2 Hours15000 INR15000 INR
3-4 Hours20000 INR20000 INR
6-8 Hour25000 INR25000 INR
Over Night Service30000 INR30000 INR

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Provides services as a tour guide or a city guide.

Not only are they fantastic sexual predators, but they can also act as city guides. When it comes to their field of expertise, these drivers are well-versed enough to help their customers travel around with ease. They are ideal for first-time visitors to Hyderabad. They have the education and experience to put you at ease when you’re out and about. A date, on the other hand, may not be able to tour you about the city in sufficient time or may not be memorable in all locations in the city. In addition, escorts will be able to recommend the best restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in the area.